Dr. Daniella Remy, BA, MSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Researcher, International Speaker

Who is she?

Dr. Daniella Remy, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto (Canada), as well as an educator, speaker, and avid traveller.

With her passion for self-betterment and holistic health, she has been exploring the interdisciplinary fields of wellness for nearly two decades. After graduating as an early childhood educator from Toronto Metropolitan University, she dove deep into social and psychological maturation, obtaining her Masters of Science in family relations and human development at the University of Guelph. Wanting to blend her knowledge in mental and physical health, she attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where she earned her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and graduated as the Valedictorian, with the leadership award and the naturopathic honours award.

Her passion has consistently been to explore what inspires self-betterment and makes someone thrive. Dr. Remy has become a quadrilingual entrepreneur who integrates science-based natural medicine into digital health care delivery.

What does she do?

Areas of focus for naturopathic care include:

  • Metabolic disorders like diabetes or fatty liver disease

  • Digestive concerns like IBS, SIBO or diverticulitis

  • Cardiovascular care like heart disease and blood pressure

  • Immunological concerns like frequent infections

  • Auto-immune diseases like Grave's, Celiac or MS

  • Chronic inflammation like arthritis or post-COVID

  • Chronobiology, insomnia and dietary interventions

  • Hormonal imbalances like menopause or endometriosis

  • Weight management and nutritional guidance

And yes, on the side, she's earning international recognition for her leadership integrating science-based natural medicine into digital health care delivery. She took her world experience and her knowledge in health and wellness, and helped develop the algorithms behind Shae/ph360.me. Her role is to compile research in various health-related fields, help develop and maintain the platform’s functional algorithms, and work with an international team of professionals to further this health and wellness app.

How does she do it?

Daniella is a fun-loving but hard working soul who thrives with a good team around her. She loves to get involved and is always passionate to learn along the way.

She is an eternal collaborator, sharing and exchanging knowledge everywhere she goes. She is registered in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), she is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND), and she works with the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF).

When she's not helping patients or delving into research, you'll find her either at the dog park with her 120lb Swiss Mountain Dog, the gym, or on a new adventure abroad.