What to expect

Most appointments will be virtual, unless physical exams are necessary or you just prefer the in-person approach.

I tend to consider myself like a health detective, collecting the clues to understand you and your current health circumstance, to then find optimal solutions for you. Rather than relying on band-aid approaches to just subdue a problem, we'll work on listening to your body to find the root cause of your concerns.

There will often be a long list of questions and information gathering to get a complete medical history and truly understand your unique situation. If you can get your medical records and last few years of lab tests ready, I'll go through them with you to look at trends, explain to your what it all means, and develop a plan to that you feel comfortable with. The more info you provide, the more data I get to dig into. It's ok if you don't have much of your medical history, we can work on that together too.

If you can, complete and submit the intake form a week before your first appointment to give me time to pour hours into research that will help me hone in on key issues and best treatment strategies we will review at your visit. Lots of data crunching will take place to find patterns that help point to the underlying cause of your current condition, and highlight future health trends.

You might need additional lab work to find some missing clues . The ultimate goal is to create a health and wellness plan that works for you. No two treatment plans are the same.

You are not "broken"! You can age gracefully! What you're feeling is real!

I'm here to help.

Botanical Medicine

The use of plants and their extracts has transcended health practices from ancient cultures, like Ayurveda, through to modern medicine. Plant phytochemicals are carefully selected and blended to prevent or remedy medical conditions with a natural approach to health care. Unique combinations of plant extracts can be tailor made for you, or recommendations for high quality products you can order at your convenience.

Acupuncture and TCM

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at precise and strategic points on your body, according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the modern sense, this can release trigger points, or stimulate or relax muscles, tissues and fascia. In the traditional sense, it promotes the flow of Qi and building of substance through the body's meridians.

Lifestyle Counselling

Most ailments are highly influenced by poor diet, physical inactivity, stress, habits and addictions. Personal support can be provided to improve your nutrition or daily actions that help prevent or manage health conditions and achieve your health goals. Together, we can create a plan that works for you, allows you to go at a pace that's comfortable for you, while also having someone to help keep you on track.

Integrative Medical Counselling

Many people are taking multiple prescription medications, seeing various health professionals, and getting lost in the chaos of medical testing. Using a holisitic perspective to understand how the pieces fit together can provide you clarity on what's happening within your body, why you need or don't need certain treatments, and what those lab results indicate.

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

The best way to know what's happening inside is to run some lab tests. A critical eye can spot markers of disease even before symptoms appear, and use data to guide the treatment plan. From disease management to optimizing health, your peak performance can be achieved when you track the biological markers in your blood, saliva or urine.

Nutritional and Supplement Recommendations

Not everyone should follow the same diet. Nutritional supplementation is not necessary for everyone. The key is to balance the metabolic and biochemical pathways for your body and mind to thrive. Too much and too little of some key nutrients can be detrimental to your health. It's about knowing what your body needs to get it juuuust right!

Areas of Focus

Metabolic disorders like diabetes or fatty liver disease

Digestive concerns like IBS, SIBO or diverticulitis

Cardiovascular care like heart disease and blood pressure

Immunological concerns like frequent infections

Auto-immune diseases like Grave's, Celiac or MS

Chronic inflammation like arthritis or post-COVID

Chronobiology, insomnia and dietary interventions

Hormonal imbalances like menopause or endometriosis